'Locally Laid Egg Company' from Wrenshall, MN. is in the running for a free Super Bowl commercial. One if it's owners, Lucie Amundsen (Lucie Belanger back in her high school days) grew up in Winslow, ME. Lucie joined us on the Moose Morning Show to talk about a chance to have their commercial air during the Super Bowl! They were selected out of a field of 15,000 small businesses to be one of 20 in serious consideration. Now they are in the Top 4!

'Locally Laid' is all about free range farming. They pride themselves on their efforts to promote sustainability. They use solar powered hen houses and plant a tree for every delivery. In addition to all the hard work, they also obviously love what they do and have a ton of fun doing it. Just watch the video and vote...and listen to our interview and find out why all their chickens are named Lola!

Click here to watch their video and vote. Voting ends Dec.1...so get your vote in quickly!


Lucie Amundsen on the Moose Morning Show