I can't believe how many people have asked me about this today. Sorry, but it's not true. 'The Walking Dead' will NOT be filming in Maine.

A satire blog has gone viral bigtime. If you read the The Return of the Modern Philosopher blog closely, there are big clues, such as:

AMC plans to film in the North Woods where the Zombie population is not as dense and can be easily controlled by Maine Zombie Hunters and Maine Zombie Census Bureau Agents, who will always be just off camera to ensure that the actors are never in danger.


Maine’s woods are a perfect stand in for the forests that surround the prison on the show, and we’ll save both money and time by not having to hire extras and get them into Zombie make up.

Heck, I love the show and wish it was true...just not this time. Sorry!

Here's our interview with the blog author, Austin Hodgens