On this date back in 1981, Walter Cronkite signed off the CBS Evening News for the last time. Dan Rather stepped in for about 25 years, followed by Katie Couric for five and now the CBS Evening News is read by Scott Pelley. Bob Schieffer was the anchor for awhile in between Rather and Couric. Anyway, this leads to my point and question. Is the 6:30 pm evening news still relevant? Do you watch it?

I’m always here at work, so I don’t have the option either way. On the weekends, I know I rarely watch the national network news and if it’s on, I watch it passively. I have a feeling if I were home weeknights I wouldn’t watch it nightly. I rely on CNN, MSNBC or Fox for politics. If something breaks nationally I go to the internet more and more for stories.

I like HLN for anything salacious or if there is a story with legs, such as a celebrity death. If someone famous dies, especially if it’s of drugs or foul play, you know Dr. Drew is on it.

Now local news. I watch that everyday and sometimes two and three cycles. I tune in before 7 am, noon and 11 pm. Local news, I love it.

I don't think the format of the 6:30 pm news is dead. It still draws millions, but the audience is getting older and I think its days are numbered.