Larry French, Getty Images

If you don't mind a constant stream of Stephen King fans taking photos of the house next door or having possibly the most mysterious neighbor ever, this is the home for you.

Oh, did we mention the price tag? For only $840,000 you could own this six-bedroom, four-bathroom elegant and historic home.

The house sits on a little less than an acre to the left of the infamous Stephen King house on West Broadway in Bangor. The house is full of unique touches such as the round walls with built-in bookshelves and eight working fireplaces!

Even if you live here, you probably won't see Mr. King that often as he is very private. But chances are you will see him more than others! Plus, how cool would it be to say "Stephen King is my neighbor?"

Maybe he'll even come over and ask to borrow a cup of sugar. Just be careful if he asks to borrow your axe!