What a beautiful day to be out and about. Lynn and I did just that, went out. Originally we went looking for a graphing calculator for Dylan. With the weather in our travels we got the bug to look at possible spring and summer home upgrade projects.

Vikkis Room (or as much as I can show.....messy)

Lynn wants to redo Vikki's bedroom and make it more "girly." Right now she has green wallpaper in her room, the same color green that is in the kitchen. Kind of a sage green. It's okay but not Vikki. So we went to Lowe's to look at tools to remove wallpaper and possible paint colors. This where the ideas just started.

Deck wood

We talked about  doing a patio of sorts. Lynn wants to do molded concrete deal and I want to do real deck. The nice dude at Lowe's asked us for the details to price a deck, we gave him as close to the correct information as we could give in measurements. I asked for an estimate with wood, 18" off the ground with no railing. The price is $3500 and that's without an install; just the materials. Guess Lynn's concrete idea will be the way to go for our back yard. May not tackle that this year but sooner than later.

Dining Room (The ick carpet)

The bigger priorities in our house are the windows and floors. As for the floors, we want to replace the linoleum in the kitchen, hallway and the carpet in the dining room. Right now, our dining room carpet grosses me out. We keep it as clean as we can but I just think of the food that falls and what gets ground in and all of the possible bugs that may come.I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Rolls of linoleum

At Marden's they have an array of laminate, linoleum and tile flooring. A huge selection of flooring starting as low as 59 cents a square foot. We found something that we liked at 69 cents a square foot. A guy from Marden's will be coming soon to the house to do an estimate on the flooring job.

If I had my way, I'd go with colors that *pop*

That's where we stand, redoing our floors. The graphing calculator for Dylan, we looked and looked. we walked into Office Max, Staples, Best Buy all had them priced over $100. For the past few weeks Lynn has been eying a TI-84 at BJ's wholesale Club. For weeks, it's remained, just one on the shelf priced at $99.50. Today after looking around, we slapped the plastic down to buy it. It seems to me that $100 is a bit expensive for something kids need for public school. I guess it's cheap compared to college text books but this is Middle School. Now that I think of it, I remember needing a scientific calculator back in my day, I guess things haven't changed too much.

UGH! Which one is it? (That TI 84, Plus-Silver was $99.50 at BJ's)

The best part of the story is, Lynn and I had a few hours to ourselves while Justin, Dylan and his friend Michael watched Vikki.

Oh Yes!