Way to go Noah Koch of Waterville!  He is headed to the White House after creating a dish that won a national nutritious food contest. And he gets to meet first lady Michelle Obama.

Noah’s ‘Vegan Powerhouse Pesto Pasta’ was among the 1,300 entries by a panel of judges. He and 53 other kids, representing each state and territory of the U.S. , get this amazing opportunity. Michelle Obama said, "Our Kids' State Dinner is one of her favorite events and the kid chefs never cease to impress and inspire her with their creativity and ingenuity.

Noah’s ‘Vegan Powerhouse Pesto Pasta’ sounds great to me! His recipe calls for two avocados, lemon juice, spinach, basil, walnuts, white beans, garlic and just a quarter-cup of olive oil. That is a lot less oil than in most pesto. Toss it with some gluten-free pasta and few cherry tomatoes and white beans on top.

According to the KJ, there are some heath issues in the family so they tries to avoid gluten and eat more vegan. But Noah, who is 9, said he likes cheese, especially brie. Noah, my friend, I could agree with your more.