This story has been a curious one for me. In March of 2012 there was a six car crash in Waterville. It really hit home, not just because it was a horrible accident, but the station  just had our Bridal Show in Waterville. All my 'work family' was headed home. I was scared one of them may have been injured.

All of our station account executives, office staff and on air staff were in Waterville at the time. They were all fine, but people were hurt, some of them seriously. The driver of the vehicle, according to the KJ, had a psychotic break.

The Waterville woman says she suffered a psychotic break when she caused a six-vehicle crash. The crash left six people injured.  Nancy Hazard pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated driving to endanger in connection as part of the overall plea deal.  Her lawyer said Hazard agreed to plead guilty because she did not want to put family or victims through a trial. During the investigation, Hazard told police she had no memory of the crash or events leading up to it.  Tests showed she had not been drinking or taking illegal drugs and any prescription medications she had been taking were at normal levels.