Have you ever wanted something just because, but didn't want to spend your own money? Well thanks to our Moose Valuable Listener contest you could win a $500 gift card to Amazon.com so you could purchase those items!

Some of those items could include:

A yodeling pickle

. Seriously, I KNOW you've been waiting for a singing dill. In the product description it says it's perfect for the person in your life who doesn't have one. I bet you have AT LEAST one person in your life that doesn't have one.






Maybe you need an extra hand in the shower to help get those hard to reach places. Ok so this hand shaped soap won't actually extend to scrub your back.




Amazon.com/Anti Wrinkle Mouth Piece

Ever want to slim your face, get rid of those laugh lines around your mouth, or just buff out your cheeks? There's the Japanese beauty product that could help you do that.  (Please finish your drink, and swallowing your food before clicking the link.)




I know from personal experience trying to find the toilet paper, groggy, still asleep, and not all there in the middle of the night can be dangerous. However, there is a solution! Glow in the dark toilet paper...you could buy bulk and never have to swat aimlessly at the wall in the dark again!




You know, I'm kind of getting tired of the same old meat options at the grocery store...there's only so many steak, pork, chicken, fish, and exotic meats one can have before getting bored. That's why amazon offers the elusive and rare Unicorn Meat for those looking for a magical meaty taste. Or if you want something a bit more tough and savory, there is Dragon Meat.


Amazon.com/Bug Sales

Maybe you want to spend a bit more on something wonderful something that will make your skin tickle. How about 18,000 live Ladybugs to bring a bit of fluttering luck to your home?




If you won, what would you get? What's your favorite gag gift?

Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!