The weather folks say we’re getting the first nor'easter of the season.  With this storm coming it's not acting like autumn but all bets are off at this time of year. Could be 60 degrees or it could be 20, varies day to day. Where it feels like winter, I guess, it makes sense that Auburn has their light poles now wrapped in some sort of holly type garland on Main St. Hard to believe Thanksgiving will be here two weeks from tomorrow. Black Friday the next day, and so begins the stress of Holiday shopping.

We need brakes to slow 2012 down. Halloween was just last week. Did your parents ever say "make sure your Halloween candy lasts until Thanksgiving?" Bet you always ate it before Turkey Day. To keep an eye on the forecast and for possible cancellations tomorrow, listen to the Moose and check the Storm Center.

With rain in the forecast and it being November, this post is just an excuse to play my favorite song of all time, November Rain by Guns N' Roses.