I came across this post on the internet and it inspired this question. What are your biggest fast food pet peeves? Yes, in the Buzzfeed blog, it shows just drive-thru obscurities, but I’ll accept any fast food pet peeves you may have.

One pet peeve of mine is when a local restaurant chain location isn’t a “participating location.” You see the ad on TV, then go to the restaurant and the cashier says, “Oh, we’re not a participating location.”

Another biggie is when an item is ordered, rung in, but not put in the bag. Usually, this happens when you ask for an add-on. Such as, “Can I get an extra fries with that order?” Often that extra fries order will not make it to the car. Almost as bad as forgetting an item is the drive thru attendant forgetting to put the straw for the drink in the bag.

The kids hate it when you ask for a burger made a certain way and they don’t make it right. You know, like when you order a burger with just ketchup and mustard and they add onions anyway.

There are others, such as wrong change, flat soda, slow service and a dirty looking restaurant. Now, your turn. What are a few of your fast food pet peeves?