Memorial Day weekend is coming soon. Any plans? It’s unofficially the first weekend of summer. The beginning of the tourist season, long lines at the tolls, rides at the theme parks and pretty much everywhere people go. It's time to think about sun and sand at the beaches!

Wickford, RI (Narragansett)

What are your favorite Maine/Northern New England beaches?  I like Popham Beach. On hot days the place gets pretty crowded but it’s a state park beach so it stays respected and pretty clean. If we have the energy we walk to the fort and back. It’s quite a walk in the sand from where you park the car. The walk takes about 45 minutes if I recall.

Hampton Beach in New Hampshire is cool. I haven’t been there in probably a dozen years but I remember liking it as a 25-26 year old except for the traffic trying to get in and out. The traffic is probably why I haven’t been back. Hampton Beach I will say is a great beach for eye candy.

Range Pond pronounced (Rang) is another fun little beach. Very close to where we live in Auburn. Range Pond is a beach where I’ll actually swim. It’s a lake not the ocean and the water is usually 10 degrees warmer. Sometimes we’ll go to Range pond just for an hour or two where it is so accessible or go in the morning when it's dead for a dip and lunch. Range Pond like Popham is a state park so does cost to get in.

If we want to give the kids a fun experience then we’ll go to Old Orchard Beach. Let the boys and now Vikki burn a few tickets on the rides, get some food, poke around in the stores. There are a few drawbacks to OOB. It’s very busy in the summer and you’ll find cans and butts, etc in the sand. Old Orchard Beach is a fun place to hang for the day but bring some cash.

Do you have any favorite beaches? Local or otherwise.