Scott Olson, Getty Images

Memorial Day weekend is here. One of the busiest travel times of the year next to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you going anywhere? Are you working? Part of my weekend plans were going to include the Lewiston/Auburn parade tomorrow to watch my son play the trumpet in the middle and high school band. Too bad the parade was cancelled due to rain.

Not too much on the agenda aside from a live broadcast at O’Connor’s on Riverside Dr. in Augusta on Monday morning at 10 and watching the Bruins play on TV tomorrow. It is game 5 and hopefully the Bruins win, because I’ll start stressing if they don’t. Boston’s at home and I’ll have my fingers crossed and possibly some munchies. I want a Boston win tomorrow because I think the Penguins are going to wrap up their series tonight. I don’t want a tired Rask.

We’re certainly not traveling far. Roads will be crazy, especially the interstate. Yes, it is the unofficial beginning of summer, or if you want to call it what it is, tourist season. I remember it being too hot this weekend in years past. I can recall a Memorial Day weekend game at Fenway. I got a sunburn in the outfield bleacher seats. Anyway, enjoy your weekend or try to if you’re working and don’t forget the reason we have the three day weekend.