Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Now that the Federal Government “partial” shutdown is over what are your thoughts? If you work in the private sector, did it affect you directly? Are you annoyed that there was a shutdown for a little over two weeks or do you care?

I have two big takeaways from what happened. First did Congress and President Obama learn what’s needed and what’s not? I know there are many who work for the Federal government who were furloughed and lost pay but my question is more about the function of government. I’m curious after the shutdown what departments, programs, details now have the backlog and if there was anything that closed that went unnoticed. In other words, did DC. learn by this what is essential in the general sense of the word and what is pointless? What is essential by demand?

The second takeaway is, Congress and the President were elected by the us people as representatives and leader so the stalemate concerns me. It reminds me of a couple going through a divorce and not being able to mediate through compromise. I feel that the 535 in DC. are more about trying to prove a point over trying to work through problems.  

I think any other Congress and President before now would have worked through a budget, debt ceiling or any other fiscal situation without this craziness.

I just hope that the Feds don’t take six months to catch up on the 16 day backlog during the shutdown. No matter what your politics are I think everyone can agree that government needs to work efficiently.