Yesterday in the mail I received a glossy folder from Skoal and inside were coupons. I have never once dipped and certainly never signed up for chewing tobacco coupons.

Years ago I did sign up for Marlboro coupons and while I smoked I used them. Every so often I’ll still get them in the mail but it is seldom and because I signed up I understood why I get them.

As for the Skoal, unless my name was sold and there is a tobacco mailing list I don’t understand. Am I mad? No but it makes me wonder, what if I were just the “current resident” and my name wasn’t on the envelope, is it ok?

For a good 25 years I’ve had a love-hate relationship with cigarettes and on the wagon and have been for some time, maybe I'm overly sensitive to this today. Still on occasion I chew the gum but this is direct marketing of a deadly product.

Should the days be numbered on tobacco coupons being sent in the mail? You never see coupons floating around for beer or at least I haven’t.

Because of the fact it would be tobacco advertising I won’t post the pictures of the shiny packet on this post. The chew coupons are not tempting to me but if or when the Marlboro coupons show up, I always open them just to look at them but I have been good.

I think it’s time for the end of direct tobacco marketing. What do you say?