I think we’re far enough away from Valentines Day still where I can get away with writing this post. I came across an article and thought I could jump into a great topic of conversation. A fair number of people reading this I’m sure have gone through a relationship breakup or two, maybe three, four or more. This is a list of 10 books to read after either getting dumped or breaking it off with someone.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been through a breakup, like 15 years, so I in some ways maybe now can’t relate.

Aside from maybe reading the books on the list in the link provided above, what things did or do you do after a breakup?

I remember torturing myself with intentionally playing slow songs over and over both breakup songs and love songs.  I can also remember on occasion driving past my exes houses, not in a stalker-ish way really but just because. Of course I’ve done this one too, gone out with someone very soon after a break up to ease the pain. Known as going with someone “on the rebound.” Then there is the ever popular going out and hitting the bars with friends after breaking up with someone.

My favorite, after getting home from going out on the town, get the phone and punching six digits of my ex's number and then hanging up before you push the seventh. Sometimes completely dialing all seven numbers and making the whole situation worse.

I’ve confided in a friend or in friends. Often they were mutual maybe in some hoping subliminally the message would get back to the recent ex.

No I’m not perfect and haven’t always been the best partner but I was young and we were all just trying to get it right.

How about you any stories about break ups and what you did?