As a big history geek, I am always trying to learn new things.  Especially, new things about Maine.  Until I checked out Only In Your State earlier this morning, I did not know that Kittery was the oldest town in Maine.

Just across the border from New Hampshire, Kittery was settled by the British in 1623 and incorporated in 1647.  It's almost like they stumbled across the NH border and said, "Okay...  This is far enough!"  Some people will argue about it being first. While there were towns settled before Kittery, it was the first to incorporate.

Now home to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (USS Constitution and USS Kearsarge were constructed)., the area has a long history of military vessel construction.  During the revolutionary war, several U.S. Navy ships were built on nearby Badger's Island (including the USS Ranger).

Kittery is, or has been, the home to many notable people including actor John O'Hurley (Seinfeld, DWTS), Boston newscaster Randy Price, and MA politician Scott Brown.

Now, Kittery is the home to an outlet mall.  Filled with history.  Filled with history, and shopping, Maine's oldest town is definitely worth a visit!

Check out some of these awesome Kittery IGs!