Over the past 36-40 hours, Maine has been hit with an ice storm. As significant as this one is and almost was, it has to be put in perspective and so far this is isn’t anything close to what it was like nearly 16 years go with the ‘Ice Storm of 1998’. I'm sure if you’re out of power today, saying it was worse back then doesn’t really mean anything. To those who have no power now I hope Central Maine Power (CMP) gets to you quickly.

The main roads on my way in to work were well treated and just wet; the power was on in most areas on my route. I did however notice Lewiston by Marden’s was dark and parts of Greene were without power on 202.

So on my commute I figured I take a few pictures. I was hoping to see a CMP truck or a downed power line or something to make the commuting pictures more grand but never the less the trees and power lines were wrapped in ice and below are a few pictures.

Hotel Rd. Auburn
Main St. Lewiston at Strawberry Ave, No lights
Monmouth, Rt 202