We had an interesting Moose Morning Show Mind Bender today: According to a survey this is the number one thing a man should never to say to a woman. The answer is, "You look tired!"

I got this from Glamour.com. The answer surprised me... and our listeners. We had great guesses like, "We need to talk!," "Are you going to wear that?," "Are You pregnant?," "No!" Just some of the guesses we had before the correct one.

Here's what the website had to say about their top answer:

You look tired. Isn't this just another way of saying you're not exactly looking your best? Unless it's followed by him offering to tuck you in and take care of everything left on your to-do list, it's usually pretty unwelcome. This is especially true if you're full of energy, just not wearing makeup.

What do you think? What's the one thing a man should never to say to a woman? Let us know in the comments below or at our facebook page!