Love it or hate it the snow is here. It looks pretty but looks can be deceiving. I was up later than usual last night watching the Patriots thinking I'll be able to sleep in because with six inches of snow expected Auburn will cancel school and I'll be able to sleep in. I'm really surprised there was school today especially after last week when Auburn cancelled school for a rain event. Not the case, school was on this morning, which meant brushing off the cars and shoveling the driveway.

I'm still not completely done shoveling, either myself or Lynn and boys later will have to shovel the back deck for safety reasons. Good exercise but so do I miss my landlord plowing the driveway at the old place. I will say I take pride in my work and my backache.  I will say as well, the driveway looks darn fine now that it's done. My sister in-law is lending us a snow blower, however it just hasn't made it here yet. Maybe then I will woo and court snowfall like a real Mainer.

Lastly I give props to my wife for doing the mouth of the driveway while I was getting myself up and ready to get Dylan off to middle school for 7am.