This is one of those things that I think about from time to time, where is “home?” I wrestle with this because I’m often asked where I’m from. I usually say I was born outside Los Angeles, raised in Halifax, Canada and now live in Auburn, Maine.

That seems to confuse people because you can’t really get further apart in the populated part of the North American mainland than Los Angeles to Halifax. Yes I was born in L.A. California and now live in L/A Maine or I began in a hospital in 90210 and now live in a house in 04210, the oddities are there.

I know I’m not really a Mainer because I wasn’t born or raised here. I would say I’m from Halifax but I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years. If you’re going by family member count, then I could say I’m from California.

Mom isn’t from Halifax nor is my Dad. Mom was born in New York City and raised throughout the US, including the Chicago area, New Orleans and suburban Los Angeles.  My Dad was from England. I don’t know too many details about his life in the U.K. but he wasn’t a Canadian by birth either.

I’ve heard some funny definitions of what it is to be a Mainer. For example “Unless you have five generations in your family underground in Maine before you, you’re not a Mainer."

The roots on my mother’s side are largely in Rhode Island but I can’t call there home. I’ve never even lived there. For about 30 years we all went there every summer, that gives me maybe a year total. So I Kind of feel like I don't really fit in anywhere.

So until an official definition of "home" is given. I sum it up like this. “Home” now to me is where my kids and wife are. “Home” as in" I'm going home from Christmas" was Halifax until I really settled here back in 1999-2000, now it's Auburn, Maine. Yes, I still put Halifax, Canada as my hometown in places like Facebook but is Halifax really home?