If you’re young and talented in music, film, television or sports and right out of college or high school and you hit the big time with a mega million dollar contract what would you do? How would you handle the fame, pressure and getting all of that cash figuratively overnight?

Whatever you'd do, I'm sure you wouldn't be murdering people.

I write this on the heels on the latest Aaron Hernandez story where he now has been accused of two additional murders to the alleged killing of Odin Lloyd. What happens to these people? A rational person would thing he could have put the thug life behind him but in 2012 he was catching Brady’s passes like nothing happened. Maybe he wasn’t involved, that’s what the courts and lawyers are for but all indication points to Hernandez.

Murder is in a different league from the usual petty crimes and stupid things young stars do but what brings them there?

You see many stories of young stars falling due to drugs, law issues and often going hand in hand.

Why? They have everything including the hot girl or boyfriend, cool cars, likely a mansion, no stress regarding income. What drives young rich celebrities to do crazy or in the case of Hernandez horrific things?