On January 1, 2013 Netflix axed whole slew of television shows and movies. We've had Neflix for about a year and I realize the cost is only $8 a month so you can’t expect everything, but I kind of wish there was a deeper selection of memorable movie titles.

Maybe it's just me, but Netflix seems to be a dumping ground for "straight-to-DVD" movies and made for TV movies. I search on occasion for older movies, but they are very limited on blockbusters. Netflix however does carry a decent variety of cable TV shows, like 'Breaking Bad', 'Dexter', 'Weeds', etc. In fact if it weren’t for Netflix I would have never seen a show recorded on location in my hometown area featuring a few people I knew back in school, ‘Trailer Park Boys’.

Last night, I got back into one of my favorite shows from the mid 2000s, ‘My Boys’. The show is based around a group of friends in their late twenties/early 30s who live in Chicago. It’s a bit like ‘Friends’ meets ‘New Girl’.

What shows would you like to see added to the service?

My TV show list would include:

‘WKRP in Cincinnati’
‘Northern Exposure’
‘Night Court’
‘TV Nation’
‘St. Elsewhere’
‘Too Close For Comfort’
‘Silver Spoons’