Every year there is THE HOT TOY that everyone has to have.  In 2016, it is the Hatchimal.  Last year, it was the hoverboard (they were so HOT they were catching FIRE!  Literally...).  Ever wonder what the hottest Christmas toy was on your birth year?  We have the list!

According to livingly.com, the year I was born (1979), it was the Atari Video Game System.  One of my first obsessions.  Nowhere near as cool as a PS4, but still so much fun!

Some highlights from the list:

1977: Star Wars Action Figures

1984: Transformers

1985: The original Nintendo

1986: Laser Tag

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1995: Beenie Babies

1996: Tickle Me Elmo

2005: XBox 360

2010: iPad

Check out the entire list HERE