Whether it was another hack or just a glitch on the part of FEMA, a massive IPAWS test alert went to millions of people nationwide today, including thousands in Maine.

If you're like me you were wondering exactly what was going on and why this was happening. IPAWS stands for 'Integrated Public Alert and Warning System'. The 'Federal Emergency Management Administration' will use this to send nationwide alerts involving national security risks, terrorism threats and other significant national security information.

With the election looming, I find it quite possible that other countries are trying to hack into our most secure of systems and rattle the cage. Nothing that I have found is yet to confirm that this was a hack, a planned test or a glitch on the part of FEMA. For obvious reasons I'm hoping this was a test that they had planned to push through with no advanced warning. That would be the option that would put worried minds to rest. As for the other options, let's just hope they remain theories. I'll keep you posted if I'm able to learn more.