If you're like me, then you don't really have a favorite color. The color I like has to do with the item we're talking about.

What I prefer for my vehicle may not be what I prefer on my shoes. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans who has an absolute got-to-have-it favorite color, then here are some things to know about yourself.

Do you love blue? It's often associated with feelings of serenity- So if you like blue, you're probably one of those people who can find peace in every situation. You're easy going, easy to love, and typically enjoy being or living near the water.



If red is your thing than it's very likely that you have a very robust personality. Not afraid to tell it like it is and be firm in your convictions. I bet Trump's favorite color is red.. People who enjoy red tend to be more sexually charged and animalistic, too. In a weird study it was found that women's love of the color red was enhanced during peak fertility. I know, weird!



Not surprisingly, if you have a thing for green, you typically rely heavily on money and security. And if you don't rely on it, they're still somewhat more important to you than other color lovers. That being said, you are also more in touch with nature and the woods. You may not like to be IN the woods, but you find solace in photographs and movies that take place there. You also enjoy being very social...and dieting.



People who like yellow tend to be afraid of 2 things. The dark- and being alone. People who prefer the color yellow are people who typically build strong bonds with others. Like those who enjoy green and blue, yellow lovers enjoy being outside, preferably with close friends. People who like yellow don't like confrontation or arguments and are almost annoyingly optimistic.



Orange. You're a sarcastic individual. Not ever in a malicious way, though sometimes it can come off that way unintentionally. You rarely have serious thoughts and really enjoy theatre and live performances. You're the friend who tries to get your peeps to go to every concert that comes to town. You don't take yourself too seriously, however others don't take you seriously either, so it can be hard to find those serious moments with close partners and friends. But when you do, cherish them.



People who love purple really care about other people. I mean REALLY care. These are the people that want to set up fundraisers for every benefit they come across. Purple is selfless.. Purple lovers have hearts of gold who just want to spend their time on earth doing good for others. They can be a little bit scatter brained but are still shockingly organized and focused to a T. If what they're doing with their life isn't directly helping someone in need, then they won't be happy.



Ahhh, yes...black. People who like black are typically very grounded in reality. Like those who enjoy red, they tell it like it is. No sugar coating here. They can come across as slightly abrasive with their language, but just know, it's not on purpose. People who like black generally want to be in control of any situation they're in. They don't want to be a passenger, they want to drive.