Have you seen the GQ cover with Katy Perry? What's the first thing you notice? Did you look at her eyes first? Probably not. That got me wondering and now asking, what are you attracted to first? From the waters I've tested on this subject earlier on Facebook, I thought it would make or a good conversation here.

It's most likely a combination of more than one thing that attracts someone to another but for simplicity, what do you look for first? Build, personality, sensitivity, intellectual connection, smile, eyes, someone introverted or maybe "type a" personality? Is smoking a deal breaker?

I know when I met my wife, she was 21 years old, cute, short, had a great smile and made me laugh, that kind of made me look twice. She's still adorable. When I was single, first thing I'd notice is how a girl carried herself, smile, personality, eyes, hair and cuteness.