Autumn is here in full force, raking leaves, hot chocolate and Halloween. Let’s go back to raking leaves. I have not done it yet, not even once.

I will after most to all of the leaves have fallen. The idea of raking weekly, or more often isn’t me. The question is, how do the neighbors feel on windy days? One probably is annoyed. He’s out there almost every other day, raking and bagging. Yes I will get it done and maybe even this weekend.  Another question, should I burn them in the fire pit (with a permit of course) or bag them and put them out for garbage pick up? I could mulch them? I think I will rake and bag like a good doobie.  Maybe I'll entice the boys with a little money.  The upside side, most of my back yard is treeless, for the exception of a few pine trees that are at the edge of the yard.