I sparked a mild debate earlier with my thoughts on Spongebob Square Pants. Do I think it’s bad for children to watch? It’s not the best thing on TV but it’s better than a lot of the other stuff out there.

I don’t really care for the show personally and really think it’s out lived it’s prime but that being said, aside from the Simpson’s I can’t think of a TV cartoon that has had a longer run. It may just be the biggest children’s cartoon of all time.

We judge classics and lists after a bit of time has lapsed since the show or whatever is being discussed has dissolved so we really can’t judge where Spongebob places on the all time list until it fades but we'll attempt. Why hasn’t it? Spongebob debuted on May 1, 1999 and has been running non-stop since. Both my sons watched it when were younger and on occasion watch it now and that has sort of rubbed off on Vikki. And yes if the boys are watching it, we let her as well.

When I think back to my childhood regarding first run cartoons on Saturday mornings I don’t believe any of them lasted longer than a few years. ‘Transformers’, 'GI Joe' ‘Shmoos’ etc. My absolute favorite growing up was ‘Battle of the Planets’ which was a syndicated show on daily after school.

Where do you think Spongebob places in the list of all time biggest kids cartoons? What were a few of your favorite cartoons as a child?