With the upcoming release of Tom Cruise' "The Mummy" reboot on June 9th, I've got a feeling people are going to be all about mummies for the next year (It happened with vampires when Twilight came our, zombies with The Walking dead, etc).  That makes the fact you can find a real mummy in Central Maine even cooler!

"Jay", the mummy, currently makes his home at Perry's Nut House in Belfast.

Jay was found near the Valley Of The Kings, in 1932, by adventurer Jack Williamson.  He brought "Jay" back to the United States, studied him, and even wrote a book about the Egyptian mummification process.

After Williamson passed away in 1945, no one wanted his Egyptian artifacts (including "Jay").  So, the stuff (Jay included) ended up locked away in the basement of a library.  In 2005, the new head of the library stumbled upon the artifacts.  He reached out to the final surviving member of Williamson's family.  She took the artifacts, but did not want the mummy.  Fortunately, for the thousands who pass through Belfast annually, she decided to donate "Jay" to Perry's Nut House.

In addition to "Jay", Perry's Nut House has all kinda' cool things to check out.  An alligator skin, taxidermied animals, an old school wooden Indian (wooden Native American?), and some REALLY awesome fudge!

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