“Where’s the beef?” Remember that catch-phrase?  It came from a Wendy’s TV ad campaign that aired for the first time on this date, January 10th back in 1984. Who was the older lady who uttered those words? Clara Peller was her name. Sadly, she passed just a few years her popularity skyrocketed, on August 11, 1987.

Ever work fast food? Honestly it’s one of the best gigs to have as a kid in high school or college. Yes it can be hard work but you’re usually working with friends so its a social environment as well. I was young so it was a different time in my life but you’re at the cash register taking a girl’s order and forgetting what she wants because you’re distracted and checking her out at the same time. “Sorry what did you say?”

I totally miss the free meals and so do my old friends, I’m sure too, shhhhh.  After work you would punch out, you would go home and take a shower to get the grease off of you. Then it’s the mall or club depending on your age and what you like to do on a Saturday night.

I could tell you stories but when there's time to lean, there's time to clean. It’s almost show time. Got any fries to go with that shake?