Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

My wife and I drive by Whiting Farm on Summer St. in Auburn every day on our way to Shaw’s, BJ’s and more recently, with our many trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. About two weeks ago, Lynn was wondering if Whiting Farm would open this year  as we drove by the place on one of those trips to Mount Auburn Ave. The answer is no.

I remember going to Whiting Farm on occasion to buy plants and bulbs, etc. It's sad that another local icon is gone.  Nobody in the family wanted to take over the business. Farming isn’t the easiest industry, but it holds local value. It was the same story if I recall with Oulette’s on Minot Ave. That was a great little grocery store; again that owner closed because there was no one pass it off to.

In the case of Whiting’s closing, the business was owned by two brothers, Elmer and Bud. Bud recently died and there is now too much work for just one person to operate the business as a farm the way it was. Elmer has issues now with his hand too, so he is giving it up after 76 years.