Jared Wickerham, Getty Images

Do you have Boston Bruins fever? They are now up three games to none in the East Finals against the Penguins. I hear, Pittsburgh this, Pittsburgh that, but Pittsburgh is all but out. I know, the Bruins have lost a series after being up 3-0, so I don’t want to get overly confident but I’m feeling good about game four tomorrow night!

My favorite player on these Bruins and over the years one of my favorites has been Jaromir Jagr. First off he is a very talented winger even today at 41 years old. It’s nice to see someone my age still playing at the elite level and getting a good amount of playing time. Now, when I say he’s my age, I mean he’s my age. He and I have the same birthday, February 15, 1972.

We weren't in the same hospital nursery because I was born in Whittier, California and Jagr was born in Kladno, Czechoslavakia. There are similarities aside from the birthday, we both had mullets in our day, although I cut mine in 1991, he I think still rocks one to a degree today. He plays hockey, I watch it. Okay maybe that’s where the similarities end but it’s still cool to see someone my age playing. Now, if he could just get a goal in these playoffs I’d be even happier.