I moved to Auburn from Portland 14 years ago this month (January 9, 1999). It is hard to believe it’s been 14 years in Auburn. Where does the time go? All but the last six months I lived on Goff Hill in an apartment and now we live in a house just on the outskirts of town. I’ve lived in Lewiston-Auburn all of these years and really haven’t gone to look up who is from the area and research the history of the cities. I knew they were both mill towns and had a huge Franco-American population but didn’t know how many famous people came out of L/A.

The old student mural on Main St. Auburn. (No longer there) Kind of miss it actually.

I did know Light Weight Champion Boxer Joey Gomache, Erin Andrews from ESPN, Tom Caron from NESN and Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy were all Lewistonians. I didn’t know the guy who does the national anthems at Boston Bruins games, Rene Rancourt was from the area, nor did I know ABC’s Cynthia McFadden was also from Lewiston.

The most surprising name for me to find; Ernie Coombs, he too was from Lewiston. Coombs, better known as Mr. Dressupin Canada, had a children’s TV show, 'Mr. Dressup.' It aired from the 60's to the 90'S. Mr. Dressup was somewhat like Mr. Rogers, I suppose? The shows were alike, just without Roger's Town of Make Believe. Coombs died after a stroke in 2001.

People knock Lewiston-Auburn for a number of reasons. Some reasons are probably valid, others not so much. I like the Twin Cities area and I like having quick access to Portland without having to live there. I’m also not too far from Augusta,

my work place.

The bank of the Androscoggin River looking at Lewiston from Auburn.