We talked a little on the Moose Morning show today about this. Supposedly,this is one of the most haunted areas in Maine.

People have said they have seen a mysterious 'gate-keeper' who is rumored to relax a bit upon realizing that you are not there to cause any harm. Strange unaccounted for voices have been heard bellowing off in the distance as well. However, the most intriguing thing about this location is the fact that it has the 'devil's footprint' pressed into one of the rock's bordering the side of the cemetery. Rumor has it that when they were building the road by the graveyard, there was an enormous rock that was impossible to move out of the construction crew's way. One of the workers was said to have yelled, "I'd sell my soul to the devil to move this rock". The next day the rock was gone.... as was the worker.. You decide.

Would you come along if indeed we decided to go check it out some evening?