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American Idol is winding down for 2013. Season 13 in the ratings has been slightly lower than previous years but still good for TV ratings. If it’s back for season 14, Randy Jackson won’t be part of it. If I were a betting man, I’d say Mariah Carey will be out too. Why? Because of the stunt or leaked info about wanting Jennifer Lopez back over Mariah earlier this season.

The panel will look different next season that is for sure. Who do think would make a great judging panel? If you were to have any 3 or 4 people as judges on American Idol who would they be?

My first pick, “Mutt" Lange. Almost everything he has touched has soared. Lange is a producer. Bigger in the 80s but he has credits on Nickelback’s records, known as Shania Twain's husband and producer, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, The Cars and Heart to name a few that Lange has help on. He knows a thing or two about the record industry, so he would most definitely be one of my first choices.

Gwen Stefani would make a great choice too. She’s adorable, credible and talented. Has a personality, she has cool factor, enough pop and some modern rock and a whole lot of southern California. She’s sold millions and knows how to sing.

Babyface would be my third choice. He’s a record mogul and knows something about creating stars.

Rick Dees would be a fourth choice, as a radio DJ and an institution in his field he’d know what works on the air.