As some of you may know and other may not. I had a short stint with 92 Moose back in the mid 90s. October 26, 1996 through about Thanksgiving of 1997. Part time, mostly a fill-in for Kramer and had Sundays 12 noon-6pm plus some behind the scenes mixing board duties. Before TNT, the night time line up went like this, “Smash or Trash” at 8, “The Hi 5” @ 9 and “Moose Messages” 10.  Moose Messages were more or less goodnight shout outs. “Send your words of love, lust and disgust” Another cool feature was the “Friday Night Party Zone.” We rolled calls off of a reel to reel using blades to splice tape.  We also used a board with knobs, and we liked it. I was also the ‘man in the van’ for a ‘wave and win’ promotion over the summer of 1997. This boy did not like waking up at 5:30am but once I pounded a few coffees I did enjoy the adventure everyday. I’d hit the road on patrol looking for station stickers on vehicles, when I found one I‘d call into Jon and Renee. Over the phone I’d describe the car and if the driver in front of me was listening, they’d wave and they‘d win! The coolest part about that era and that slice of time, 92 Moose was the only top 40 in the state.  The only exception was a low watt deal in Saco but at 50K or higher we were it, baby!  This was also long before streaming.

At the time I lived at 28 Weston St. in Augusta, wonder if my old landlord still owns the building? John McGrail. Can’t believe we’d pretend we weren’t home if we didn’t have the rent money right on the first. The rent always got paid but sometimes not fully until a week or two into the month. Think we paid $375 maybe it was $400, either way that’s nothing compared to today‘s prices. My full time job was being a salesperson/clerk person for the clothing store, Poore Simons which was also located at the Augusta Plaza. “Yes, girl you look awesome in those LEIs you’re trying on.” Life was different for me back then, I was younger with fewer responsibilities. As a 25 year old I too had my “I do what I want” phase which I think all 20somethings go through. Who remembers Upstairs, Downstairs (later Crazy River)? Oh yeah, Saturday night is party time!!! Now, married with three kids creating new memories to talk about in later years. Wouldn’t trade those years or these current years for the world. Today you have a more mature and wiser Greg Michaels.

A lot has changed with me personally in the last 15 years but the Moose still kicks rump in Central Maine and beyond. We still give you today’s best music and we’re now serving the universe in more ways than just at 92.3 FM.  We’ve lengthened our countdown from 5 songs to 9, Moose Messages are now if wanted, anytime between 4pm and 10pm and you don’t have to wait until weeknights at 8 to hear a brand new song. Listen on air, on line, or on your phone, we’re there. Fully portable, all day, all night, all weekend long. And don’t forget the more you listen the more you hear!