On this date, December 10th in 1992 the NHL added two teams, one in Miami and the other in Anaheim for the 1994-1995 season. The NHL was expanding and everything was going well or seemed to be anyway? Here we are 20 years later with what feels like a never-ending lockout. I know hockey is just a notch above volleyball, maybe tied with soccer in interest outside of the teams' immediate markets, but let’s get this show on the road. I just read that games through almost the end of the month have been cancelled due to the unresolved battle between owners and players.

NHL hockey is the fastest sport to watch that doesn’t involve engines. It's exciting and if you’re looking for playoffs in sport, hockey is the best. The fights may seem staged but it’s part of professional hockey’s culture.

Quite honestly, I get that hockey doesn’t draw the attention and money that NFL football and baseball gets but what I think is a bit ridiculous, is that neither side at the NHL gets it. I feel for the concession employees, the businesses around the arenas, and of course the fans.

I’ve even caught QMJHL games on the NHL Network; they’re at a loss too. The QMJHL is the league the Lewiston Maineiacs played in until they bolted last year.

Being a lifetime Bruins fan, it's odd now that the Celtics mean more to me at the moment. The NHL will not gain anything from the crickets chirping this season. I guess I’m saying to both owners and players, rear ends in seats help. Both sides need to come together unless you want even less interest in professional hockey moving forward. Go Bruins, whenever?