First snowfall of the 2012-2013 season. First snow to me means winter is here. Winter may not officially start until a few days before Christmas but it’s cold now and snow is on the ground. No delays or school cancellations this morning in Auburn. In fact, Justin’s field trip is still ago.  Just checked my oil tank yesterday as well, a little below half, 38ths of a tank left. Last filled it on August 5th. Every time I hear the furnace kick in a level of stress comes over me. Not sure if you feel the same, but I’ll have to call Ness soon.

Side Lawn, 11/08/12

As I look out my window over my lawn, I’m getting excited. The snow is melting! Yes, I know. “You live in Maine, it snows, deal.” I live in Maine, actually for the lower crime rate, fairly light traffic and the people. The other reason, my wife and kids like it here, so we're planted.  I have really no use for winter, really. I don’t ski. I don’t like to shovel, drive or really like to do anything remotely snow related. Could blame it on being born in Southern California. Could say I’m soft and lazy or a wimp. I just think of winter as an inconvenience between the World Series and spring training.  The best climate for me would be 75 degrees year round with a gentle breeze.

So for all of you who like to ski, snowmobile, ice fish, or plow, enjoy it. Just remember, there are only three or four months of it.