Three Lions, Getty Images

On my way into work today, I saw someone hitchhiking. No, I didn’t pick him up nor would I pick up a hitchhiker, maybe that makes me insensitive, but I won’t in today's day and age. Would you pick up a hitchhiker or hitchhike in 2013? Any stories?

I have however hitchhiked twice, once was on my way back from a job interview in Bangor in January 1995 and the other was because my friend Craig's Chevette broke down on NS Hwy 102 about 40 miles from home.

I can’t remember where we were going; my guess would have been Truro, which is about an hour from Halifax. Back in 1988-1989, our thing as “big city” boys was to go to small towns close to Halifax on the weekends and check out the ladies at the malls, bowling alleys, etc. Anyway, Craig who was handy with cars, couldn’t get it running so it was left.

We thumbed for only a few minutes and this seafood truck picked us up. I still remember telling the truck driver we were going to Halifax and then the guy in the truck replying, "I can take you to Bedford, but I warn you, the truck stinks like fish.” Desperate as we were we hopped in and the guy dropped us off in Bedford. Bedford is like Manchester to Augusta or Gardiner to Augusta. You can walk it but it is a hike.

Thankfully that day a guy took a chance on us. Not sure what happened to Craig's car. A funny little story inspired by seeing someone hitchhike on Rt 202 in Monmouth on my way to work.