It has been  a year since the Sandy Hook School Shooting. It was December 14th to be exact. I find it hard to believe that with this anniversary on our doorstep there is so little in the news about this tragic event.  There have been some changes in Newtown Connecticut and in the debate of gun issues in our nation. 

One big change is the Sandy Hook School itself, is gone!  The town of Newtown had quietly demolished the school.  While it was going on security was high so nothing left the site with the workers.  No ‘mementos’ of the site should be showing up anywhere. A new school will be built on the site.  That will should be done in 2016.

As Newtown get ready for the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the families of the 26 shooting victims have a new website to honor their lost loved ones. It is called My Sandy Hook Familiy. They say this is “intended to serve as a singular place of sharing, communication, and contact with the families of those who lost their lives that day. allows us, the 26 families, the opportunity to honor our loved ones in a way that feels right to each individual family.”

There is also the whole gun debate issue.  Has it changed the gun debate? I guess that would depend on who you talk to about the issue. Check out this article from the New Haven Register about what has and had not changed.  Here is an interesting graphic from the New York Times about state gun laws enacting since the Newtown shooting. According to the NYT, about two-thirds of the new laws ease restrictions and expand the rights of gun owners. I have also found a thought provoking look at how the number of gun deaths are or are not recorded.  Interesting stuff in by book.

You are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend Newtown, Connecticut.