It looks like we’re about halfway through this storm. According to the forecast, a total of 16 inches will fall before tomorrow morning. That includes what has fallen so far, so there is no need to panic. First off, I want to thank the town, city and DOT plowers. Because of them, I got to work in one piece.

What did you do today? Did you have winter fun? Did you go sledding, skiing, maybe tool around on the snowmobile? Did you have to work? If so, how was the commute? Did you just chill out (sorry, pardon the pun) inside by the TV or fire and just watched the snow fall from the warm indoors. I know, it’s a lot of questions but there is a lot of snow.

Whatever you did today, hope you’re enjoying yourself. Tomorrow morning, let the clean up begin.

Snow at home at about 9 am, 12/27/12


The Capitol Building behind the snow
The plow people working out back of the Moose