Yesterday, even though it was raining, my buddy Joey and I headed out bright and early for Sevade Pond in Windsor to get a couple (five) hours of fishing in. It was kind of a slow start but then BAM, off to the races!

It was great fishing all morning, even in the rain, and we were slamming bass and pickerel left and right.

Later on that evening, long after we had returned home from the morning outing, I convinced him that we clearly needed to get back out and fish some more. And we did- Only this time we made our way over to Long Pond. The fishing there was even better than it had been that morning. And what's even more, it had stopped raining!

Just a sample of the kind of fish we were pulling out of the water yesterday!

Its always the best when you catch two at the same time and get them on the boat simultaneously.

Have you had some good luck fishing this year? Where do you fish, what kinds of baits do you use and where would you recommend us trying out next? Share pictures if you got em'!