I think we all can relate to this a little... Maybe a lot.

After the Moose Morning Show today, Matt mentioned how he has a juicer, but never uses it. This got me thinking. What do you have that you went out and purchased, because you just had to have it, but now, after one or two uses, just sits high in cupboard or down in the cellar, just gathering dust?

A few things immediately come to mind for us. We have a homemade ice cream maker, that I think we tried out twice. I have no idea where it is now, but every time I reach for sugar in our cupboard, there is the bag of rock salt we bought, in order to make the ice cream.

A few Christmases ago, we were all excited to buy a family gift of a food dehydrator. It worked great, but took so much effort, for so little return. After a few weeks, I do believe it ran away wth the ice cream maker.

Tomorrow on the Moose Morning Show, we'll take your calls to find out what you have purchased that is now living in oblivion.

Feel free to comment below or at our Facebook page with your items, too!