Working different hours than most people kind of messes with your time to eat. I normally try to eat a decent sized lunch or dinner just before I go to work and then eat again when I get home. It’s usually around 9 pm 9:30 pm when I get home. It's usually something light. Some days my life just doesn’t work out like that.

Today late in the morning, we had a follow up visit for Vikki’s ear tube surgery with Dr. Penner at Parkview in Brunswick. Everything is going well. She can hear and she’s saying more and more words by the day. Vikki is doing great. Her ears are dry as well! So I didn’t get a chance to eat before I left for work.

What do you do for lunch or supper while at work? Do you brown bag it? Do you eat out or hit the drive thru? Skip lunch? I ran out to Shaw’s earlier and went with the Lean Pockets tonight.