By now, most of us understand how expensive construction work is, especially when it comes to working on our infrastructure, but the following figure is truly mind-blowing.

According to an article in the KJ, the construction of a replacement for the 113-year-old Ticonic Bridge, which connects Winslow and Waterville, will begin this month.

The price tag for the project?  The newspaper reports $52.8 MILLION!

Of course, we need to remember that they are not just repairing the aging bridge, they are building a brand new one!

The entire project, being done by Cianbro, is expected to take about four years and will lead to some temporary changes in traffic, according to the KJ.

Traffic Detours

According to the article, for a time this summer and fall, westbound traffic from Winslow will be detoured to the Carter Memorial Bridge.  This diversion is expected to start sometime in Augusta or September.

Google Maps
Google Maps

During this phase of the construction, traffic going east would still use the Ticonic Bridge in order to cross the Kennebec River, the newspaper reported, and it is important to note that, during this phase, pedestrian traffic would be diverted to the Two Cent Bridge at Head of Falls.

Then, in November 2024, both east and westbound traffic will be detoured over Carter Memorial Bridge because, at that point the Ticonic Bridge will be fully closed, according to the KJ.

It is estimated that in April 2025, eastbound vehicle traffic and foot traffic should will be returned to the Ticonic, according to the newspaper, and construction is expected to be completed in May 2027.


The Ticonic Bridge & Replacement Bridge

According to a posting on the State of Maine website, the first part of the Ticonic Bridge was completed in 1909.  Initially, it was used to allow the trolley to cross the Kennebec River.

Regarding the replacement bridge, the website says:

The new structure will feature wider eastbound lanes, shoulders, sidewalks and bike lanes. Traffic will avoid the 7.8-mile round trip detour and related congestion caused if the current bridge fails. Eliminating the possibility of reroutes following completion of a new bridge will have obvious public benefits such as improved emergency response times, the potential for reduced fuel consumption and accompanying emissions for the same number of vehicles moved

The post goes on to say that the construction of the new bridge falls inline with the US DOT's plan to improve the reliability and efficiency of passenger and freight movement.

What are your thoughts?  Is this project going to royally mess up your commute?  Let us know what you think by messaging us through our app.

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