If supporters in Portland get enough signatures on their petition, a question regarding recreational marijuana use may go on the ballot and out to voters as early as this year. The intent of the measure from what I gather is to allow people to smoke small amounts in their personal or a private space or one provided to them, like inside their home or designated areas. Similar rules to what we have now for alcohol.I don’t use pot or any other drug, except for maybe an occasional beer. I wasn’t a weed smoker really when I was younger either. I often left parties actually when the dope came out. Can’t say I always left the party, but for the most part it wasn’t for me.

How do I feel about legalizing pot today? I don’t see the harm in it really if it’s used at home or at a party inside a house. Slap a tax stamp on it and make the age 21 and I think it would and could become as socially as acceptable as gambling, tobacco or alcohol.

Police resources could and should really be used to cuff and stuff dealers who sell harder drugs and by taking marijuana out of their hands or at least having legally sold and inspected pot away from the black market would do that.

All in all, if this law passes I am 41, and have to set an example for my kids, so I don’t see myself going to Portland to smoke a little grass, but who am I to stop others.


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