SoloTripper71 is the alias of a guy from Massachusetts who sounds like many men over 40 in that he wanted to just get away from it all for awhile and clear his mind.  But, unlike most of us, he did something about it and created a beautiful video/photo journal so all of us "dreamers" can live vicariously through him.....

I'm fortunate in the sense that I've canoed and camped in Northern Maine and on parts of the Allagash (Churchill Lake, Umsaskis Lake, Caucomgomoc Lake, Munsungan Stream). I've always wanted to see other sights along the waterway, though.  Sights like the abandon steam engines on Chamberlain Lake, Allagash Falls and the ice caves on Allagash Lake(a pristine lake which is only accessible by trail, canoe or plane).

Caucomgomoc Lake in northern Maine

This video of pictures is long but worth it.  The photography is amazing and the show well done.  It has re-ignited my dream to one day canoe the Allagash (with a friend or my wife) and live like Thoreau or SoloTripper71(blog) did, if only for a short time.