The cast of 'Ripper Street' tried to solve the mystery of the Jack the Ripper serial murders but failed. But now that a certain online retailer has rescued the show from cancellation to bring another season to the show's devoted fans, maybe they'll get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.

If you haven't seen this great show (which airs on BBC and BBC America), here's a quick primer: 'Ripper Street' takes the intriguing premise of having an 1880s version of 'CSI' collide with 'From Hell.' Taking place just a few months after the last Jack the Ripper serial murder, two of London's chief detectives -- a high-ranking government captain and an army surgeon -- hit the streets in order to solve one of England's biggest murder mysteries. The above trailer is pretty good at filling you in too.

Even with such a great background story to work from (four of the most capable investigators band together to solve the infamous murders), many fans felt that the series took a nosedive in its second season, when it strayed from the investigation of the Ripper murders.

Variety reports that due to that lackluster second season, BBC canceled 'Ripper Street' in December. But Amazon has stepped in with its Prime Instant Video service, which will continue to air the show. The company will produce a third season of the series that will be exclusively available online long before it airs on British television.

The third season of 'Ripper Street' will begin filming in May, most likely resulting in a late-December or early-January season premiere to coincide with the previous two season openers. Hopefully, 'Ripper Street' will take a more dynamic turn than the recent focus on the problems of Chinese immigration in 1890s England, which dominated the second season to the point where once-devoted fans left in droves.

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