There are two major reasons I watch very little television. The first one is lack of time. The second is that, with "Time Warner On Demand" available, I waste the time I do have seeking out some of the less popular shows that are out there.....

FX is in the second season of 'American Horror Story.'  I missed the first one but am, for some strange reason, engaged in this season.  While it's a bit over the top and really not at all believable, it's just campy enough and sexy enough (rated MA for mature audiences- which should probably eliminate me) to keep me watching, at least for now.

Would I seek this out if it were a hit like 'Walking Dead?'  Probably not.  I tend to like the less popular shows and movies (ask my frustrated wife) so, therefore, don't have too many others to discuss the merits of them with.  Maybe that's by design.

Enjoy the following trailer.  It'll either cause you to check it out or just shake your head in disbelief.