I did my second live recruitment broadcast yesterday with Athena Health in Belfast. The first was in Belfast. This time, they came to Maple Hill Farm Inn Conference Center in Hallowell.  Again, I was floored by "the team." .....

This is a great example of a group of workers that calls itself a team and demonstrate it every day.  If someone really, truly loves their job, it's evident.  Well I can confidently tell you, out of the 2 dozen or so employees of Athena Health who were at this recruitment event, they all love their jobs.  Heck, I couldn't help but get pumped up myself just from the energy in the room.

While they're all business and work hard for their subscribing physicians while on the clock, off the  clock, they truly enjoy just being friends and, well, a team.

Quick example:  Belfast recently hired it's 500th employee.  To make him feel like part of the team, they surprised him with a HUGE flash mob before covering him in Silly String.  I can tell you, just from being in a fun work environment for many years, a fun workplace is key to having happy and productive employees, a fact not lost on the Athena Health team!